Biceps Tenodesis

This procedure involves re-positioning the attachment of the long head of biceps from inside the shoulder joint to outside the shoulder joint.

Post op

Day 1-3 Weeks

  • Sling – patient to remove 4 times daily for exercises
  • Finger, wrist and radio ulna movements in sling
  • Active elbow flexion & extension as tolerated
  • Active shoulder movement as tolerated
  • Avoid resisted elbow flexion and forced passive extension
  • Teach postural awareness and scapular setting
  • Regain scapula control & normal shoulder control

3-6 Weeks

  • Wean off sling
  • Progress active shoulder and elbow ROM
  • Strengthen rotator cuff muscles
  • Assess kinetic chain control and provide exercises as required

6 Weeks +

  • Eccentric biceps exercises
Week 6 Full Active range of shoulder & elbow motion
Week 12 Full active range of elbow and shoulder movement with dynamic scapula stability throughout range (Concentric and eccentric)