Arthroscopic Sub-acromial Decompression

This surgery clears the subacromial space. The undersurface of the acromium is removed, as are any osteophytes with or with out excision of the acromioclavicular joint. Generally three arthroscopic portals used.

For photographic rehabilitation program please see:

SAD Protocol in PDF

On Discharge from Hospital

  • Early post-op exercises for discharge
  • Active (assisted) shoulder movement in all planes encouraged.
  • Rehab as comfortable.

Post op

Outpatient Physio

Unless specifically stated, patients can mobilise through full ROM with no restrictions.

  • Focus on return of movement initially
  • Begin rotator cuff strengthening – isometric then through range
  • Manual therapy if required to increase range of movement
  • Teach postural awareness and scapular setting
  • Address posterior capsular tightness
  • Return to sports specific activities
Milestones Full recovery can take 6-9 months.
Expect 80% improvement by 3 months.
6 Weeks Full active ROM or equivalent to the pre op range
Caution Any significant increase in pain or decrease in ROM arrange a clinic appointment for a review.