Posterior Shoulder Stabilisation

Post op

Day 1 – 3 weeks

  • External Rotation brace for 3 weeks (can remove for washing and exercise; wear on outside of or under clothes)
  • Encourage circulation exercises during this time
  • Finger / wrist / elbow exercises
  • Teach postural awareness and scapular setting
  • Active assisted ROM as comfortable
  • Core stability exercises with sling
  • No combined forward flexion and Internal rotation exercises
  • Do not force or stretch

3-6 weeks

  • Sling to be removed 4x a day
  • Progress Active assisted to Active ROM as comfortable
  • No combined forward flexion and Internal rotation exercises
  • No active or passive internal rotation
  • Assisted/ active external rotation to 20 degrees
  • Isometric external rotation exercises
  • Work to gain activity and stability of rotator cuff
  • Work on scapula control
  • Commence proprioceptive exercises (minimal weightbearing below 90 degrees)
  • No hand across the body or behind the back activities

6 weeks – 4 months:

The sling is removed by 6 weeks

  • After 2 months any residual tightness to internal rotation may be addressed by specific stretching exercise
  • Regain scapula & glenohumeral stability working for shoulder joint control rather than range
  • Gradually increase ROM
  • Strengthen – sports specific
  • Increase proprioception through open & closed chain exercise
  • Progress core stability exercises

Driving at 8-10 weeks if patient feels safe to do so.
Swimming – Breaststroke at 10-12 weeks.
Running at 10-12 weeks. Return to light work by 8-10 weeks.
No other sports yet.

Week 6 Active elevation to pre op level
Week 12 Minimum 80% range of internal rotation compared to asymptomatic side
Normal movement patterns throughout range
Failure to achieve milestones Referral to surgeon